Balance. Purpose. Enlightenment.

The Lemurian Training

Do you wonder how you can possibly enjoy such a New Order if it is generations away? Would it startle you to think that you have been on earth not merely for this lifetime alone, but many lifetimes?

The accumulation of experience throughout successive lifetimes has long been accepted by truth students, and when you think about it, there is no more reasonable explanation for Christ’s Teachings and the seeming inequalities we see around us than recognizing the continuity of life as a basic universal premise.

What this means to you is that the growth you make in this lifetime is not lost, but may prepare you for some greater service you can perform for humanity…and to take your rightful place in the New Order of the Ages – the Kingdom of God on earth.


The Lemurian Elder Brothers were chosen to develop a training which, when properly followed, insures not only individual health, happiness, and security but a spiritual awakening to our connections with the world around us. Their purpose is to provide a moral basis for living.

Such training must be guided by qualified teachers, so this Great School authorized the formation of the Lemurian Fellowship as its outer preparatory School.

Under the guidance of Lemurian Masters, a course of lessons was written, beginning the work of helping people make greater sense of life and become wise stewards of the planet, glorifying the earth as God intended.

The lessons are clearly and simply written so students can grasp and build the elements needed to control their lives. The information appeals to reason and common sense and is so practical that anyone can apply what they learn to daily situations, small or large.

A personalized training was developed since no two students have the same experience backgrounds. And to help students throughout the world according to their individual needs, the training is conducted by correspondence as a Distance-Learning program.

As students progress through the lessons and learn to use the Lemurian Philosophy in their lives, they gain new tools to use with people and situations around them. Family associations, marriage, jobs and friendships, health and finances, one’s sense of spiritual fulfillment, and the reality that God is manifest in our lives, all assume a new and satisfying perspective.


People eagerly pore over books, articles, and Web sites in search of health, wealth, and happiness. But because the use of this information is left to the reader, enthusiasm wanes and the search for something more enlightening goes on.

Even with the finest swimming manual, until you jump in the water and someone helps you apply what you read, you will be far from an accomplished swimmer. The same is true of natural law. Only by USING what you learn will you be able to profit from it, and that requires proper guidance.

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