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Search for Happiness (Robert D. Stelle)

Cease to worry. Worry is but a circle of inefficient thoughts whirling about a pivot of fear. – A Master


So universal is the search for happiness that those who wrote the Constitution of the United States of America wanted to guarantee us the right to pursue it.

Ever since we humans first grew conscious of our individual identities, we have felt this driving urge to seek an elusive something we call happiness. For the earliest people, satisfying personal needs seemed to offer it. But even with shelter and a full belly, the desire persisted. The companionship of others brings a fleeting glimpse of happiness, but we can’t hold onto it. We try amusements that trick the senses into feeling we have found happiness. We try various escapes, reaching momentary highs at the cost of our health, wealth, and wellbeing. But these lose their appeal, and we resume our eternal quest.

We still feel this unfulfilled longing, and gradually realize we don’t seem to have the power to attain happiness. Somehow, we have missed the key. Admitting we are not self-sufficient, we seek the help always provided for the sincere and humble. As Christ encouraged us, “Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

We begin to think – really think – leading us to investigate higher truths. The constant and insistent search for happiness has been implanted within our innermost being, and this desire in the earliest human beings was our motivation to start moving toward the ultimate goal of all human existence – happiness.

Our time on earth is a means to an end, for the ultimate goal is happiness. Otherwise, heaven, either the Kingdom of God here on earth or the final attainment in a celestial realm, will be impossible. Because heaven means a place of perfect happiness where all will have learned to control themselves and their environment, molding them into the ideal the innermost self has been so eternally seeking. There is no reason we shouldn’t search for happiness here and now, even though it won’t be perfect until we are at one with God.

Our experiences are the stepping-stones to the wisdom and understanding essential to happiness, and it is possible to enjoy some of this as we pass through these experiences, if we remember they are essential to attaining true soul growth. But we make many experiences bitter because we fail to abide by God’s simple rules.

Essential to true happiness is banishing fear and worry. And since fear is a most powerful emotion, we must avoid it if we are to reach our goal. Can you picture serenity in an atmosphere of fear – of illness, of losing our job, of being in debt, of something bad happening? Having such fears is the surest way to bring them into our lives. Every time we feel this emotion, we may know we are not using some cosmic law, sacrificing happiness because of our ignorance.

What’s the cure? When you want to bring something into your life, concentrate on it. If you don’t want to be the victim of fear, cease to give it power by deliberately and positively using your God-given will power to think of something else! Something you really want in your life and environment. If your mind reverts to fear, train your mind, using the techniques described in the Lemurian lessons. Otherwise, fear will dominate and you will never fulfill the search for happiness.

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