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Shasta Summer Solstice

The Solstice is a sacred time for Lemurians, and as we approach the Winter Solstice, I thought back to my Shasta Summer Solstice. Many truth seekers come to Mount Shasta here in California seeking to experience some essence of the Masters and connect with God through Nature, and as a Lemurian Fellowship student, I knew this beautiful mountain was once a meeting place for Lemurian Adepts. So it seemed a perfect place to attune with Nature and the Great Ones and connect mentally with other Lemurians celebrating this occasion. Leaving the trail, I ascended the mountain alone, away from other hikers.

As I took in the mountain ‘s beauty on this clear, cool day, I snapped some pictures. With each step and every breath of invigorating air, I felt lighter until it seemed my whole being was filled with light. Imagining the Great Ones must be near in thought made the trek up the mountain even more special. As dry ground gave way to patches of snow, it seemed a good place for a comfortable attunement. I spotted a rock warmed by beams of sunlight sifting through tall firs and surrounded by patches of snow.

I took my place on the warm rock, illumined by the light from the center of our solar system that surely, I thought, must be from Christ to lighten and uplift our world for those who could sense it. I entered my attunement, enjoying the thoughts that passed through my mind. Thanking the Great Ones, and feeling waves of gratitude for being part of the Lemurian Program, I thought:

How wonderful it would be if I could photograph a nature spirit such as Dr. Stelle described.

How great to be able to show everyone such an image! Inspired, I photographed the towering tree in front of me.

I started down the mountain, taking more pictures along the way. After reaching my car, I decided to look through the pictures I had taken as a reminder of this wonderful journey.

I found the tree picture I took just after my attunement. It was different from the others. There was an oval and an aura or halo above the treetop. Could this possibly be the nature spirit I had imagined capturing? Or just a coincidental artifact of light hitting the lens in an unusual way? Hmm . . . not sure! All I know is I was inspired to take this shot to try to capture the nature spirits. It’s the only picture that looks this way. No other shot I took that day has any auras at all. My camera lens was clear, and I never adjusted or wiped it.

Shasta Summer Solstice
The tree I photographed after my attunement

So this picture is a wonderful souvenir of my magical Shasta Summer Solstice . It’s a tantalizing reminder of possibilities of what could be, what we do not yet know or understand. It helps expand consciousness as it leads us to wonder and contemplate the mysteries yet to be revealed about our universe.

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