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Celebrating Lemurian Style

Every November 5th, I like to go and watch the fireworks in the park. I guess it is something particular to England, but gathering around a huge bonfire and watching an impressive fireworks display is enjoyable and symbolizes a bigger ideal. The historical origins lie in the attempted “gunpowder plot” by Guy Fawkes and his…

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Safe Harbor in a Turbulent World

  As each day brings us scenes of sectarian conflict and heart-wrenching misery, I wish I could share what I’ve learned with these poor, afflicted people and help them find a safe harbor. My daughters and their families are Catholic, my son Jewish, his wife, Buddhist. My sisters are Unitarian, one brother follows the Tao…

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The Mental Virtue Discrimination

Lemurians develop the mental virtue Discrimination to judge between what’s good and what’s better. My daughter wanted to check out some colleges in California over spring break. She doesn’t like to fly, so driving was her preference. My husband couldn’t join us and I was nervous about the two of us traveling alone on a…

Posted on: June 25, 2016
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Spiritual Help in a Firestorm

One of the most difficult experiences of my life was being caught in a fierce wildfire. When my husband and I saw smoke in the distance with strong dry desert winds behind it, we knew a fire was headed our way. But no fire planes were taking off from the nearby airport, due to the strong winds. Sometimes…

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