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The Thrill of Lemurian Order Membership

The desire and intention to become part of the Lemurian Order often grows slowly as students move through the Fellowship’s training and discover how their lives are changing and improving and begin to realize their true potential. Or, highly motivated students may know they want to earn this accomplishment as soon as possible. So this journey can be relatively brief, or it can take many years, depending on a person’s drive as well as the experiences it may be important for them to have in preparation for this step.  

 The following tribute was written by a new member of the Lemurian Order who had begun her studies at age 77. May her elation awaken treasured memories of our own accomplishment in earning this honor, and perhaps, as she experienced, the thrill of being able to visit Gateway and the Fellowship as we attended our first Lemurian Service.

*     *     *

Ever since becoming a Lemurian Order member I have wanted to express my thoughts concerning having reached –– with the help of the Great Ones –– the goal I started out six years ago to attain. Of course, it was only through Their help and the help of my dear teachers that I could possibly have accomplished what I did in the twilight years of my life.

Receiving word that I had attained Lemurian Order membership on June 11th and attending the June 21st Summer Solstice Service were two of the most outstanding experiences in my life. The privilege of being present at the wonderful Service was indeed worth all the hard study and, at times, sacrifices I had to make to be able to attain this honor. It was the most beautiful and most impressive Service I had ever attended.

Also to be able to associate with the members of the Fellowship Staff and the Lemurian Order members for those two days gave me great joy. The love, thoughtfulness, and cooperation existing among the Order members left a lasting impression upon me and, in retrospect, I began to realize that much had been lost to me by not having found the Philosophy earlier in life. However, that I DID find it and finally DID reach my goal, I am most grateful.

Lemurian Order picnic at Gateway

Now, I am very anxious to help promote the Lemurian Program –– so much so that I have taken a new lease on life. I am expecting to live to 100 or more, recapitulating the longer life span of the Mukulian people, and intend to make the remaining years productive in all respects by daily living, to the best of my ability, the Philosophy –– practicing the virtues, applying the laws, keeping in touch with the Great Ones’ guidance through frequent attunement, and rendering selfless service at Gateway and elsewhere –– so that I may be a blessing to the Order.

Thinking over all that could be done and can be done, I have enough ambition to lift the world!

*     *    *

This Order member lived another nine years and was a credit to her aspirations. Meanwhile, many younger students have reached this rare goal, and even some older ones in their eighties and nineties. The other day, we received the following comment on one of our Thought for the Week posts:

At 92, still trying to improve all that I am aware of that should be improved. New ideas still emerge of that which would improve relations with others and bring peace. How to project that into the world of today remains an everlasting challenge. Peace be to those that seek the way.

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