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“What is a Lemurian?” Find Out Here and Now!

Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.  ICorinthians 2-9

“What is a Lemurian?” We used to get this question a lot, but not as much now that more people are familiar with the term and have some definite ideas about it. Still, “Lemurian” means different things to different folks. We talk with people who have an innate feeling they once lived on the massive continent that long ago graced the area of the earth now taken up by the Pacific Ocean. Others express a mystical belief that somehow, they are Lemurian. And many of these people may be right.

To us, “Lemurian” refers to the inhabitants of Lemuria, or Mu, an ancient civilization of such antiquity that it’s more a myth than a memory today. Its origin is thousands of years before commonly accepted history and predates even Plato’s Atlantis. Its people are of great interest to us because they accomplished something no one else has come close to doing since — creating an organized and harmonious society that endured for 50,000 years. We learn of the beginnings of the Lemurian civilization and of the wise and highly advanced beings who guided it in Dr. Robert D. Stelle’s book, The Sun Rises, revealed to him clairvoyantly from Nature’s infallible Akashic Record.

Those of the Lemurian Fellowship, the Lemurian Order, and Fellowship students today are Lemurians because we study and try to live by the Lemurian Philosophy, the most ancient of all religious teachings.

We understand if you feel that a philosophy claiming to be based on such unconventional and seemingly mythical elements would be sketchy at best and delusional at worst. But you’d be mistaken.

Far from a figment of someone’s imagination, fantasy, or science fiction, the Lemurian Philosophy is true, authentic, and thoroughly practical. Since the Masters of the Lemurian Brotherhood first began releasing these teachings to the public through the Lemurian Fellowship in 1936, thousands of students have studied and used its timeless principles to improve their lives, discover and fulfill their purpose in being on this earth, and make real progress in the pursuit of happiness, affirmed as a human right in the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America.

Through the Lemurian Fellowship’s blog, we hope to answer some questions and convey the essence of what it’s like to use the Lemurian Philosophy in your life, in marriage, at work, or as one of many dedicated to improving themselves and creating a society based on natural law, positive thinking and mutual respect.

Our points of view and personal stories will be found in these articles. We hope you find something of interest and inspiration here. We look forward to sharing our ideas and experiences with you, and to hearing from you, too.

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