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What Is Lemurian Philosophy?

The Lemurian teaching is purely constructive. It does not seek to tear down, to destroy or to materially change anything that is good and true and beautiful in any religion. It enhances them; it adds to them; it makes them broader, deeper, kindlier, more tolerant and more easily understood. – Robert D. Stelle

The Lemurian is the oldest philosophy on earth, bits of its teachings forming the basis for all that have ever been released for humanity’s benefit. But this moment in history, beginning with the release of the Lemurian Philosophy in 1936, is the first time in thousands of years it has been possible to study and benefit from the pure teachings, unadulterated by personal ideologies or adaptations, instead of mere fragments of the source information.

The basic principles were first released over 78,000 years ago, and were directly responsible for establishing the most magnificent civilization the world has yet known – one that endured for over 50,000 years before violations of the philosophy’s concepts brought the downfall of the vast empire it had become.

During the ages since, many of the most valuable of its principles seemed to have been lost, and because the Masters realized that mankind was not ready to use these Ancient Wisdom Teachings properly, they have declined to release them completely until now, when they will best serve humanity as a whole.

For this reason, no matter how extensive your previous studies, you will find in the Lemurian Philosophy as released through the Lemurian Fellowship many things available from no other source. The lack of certain of these long-forgotten rules and laws is responsible for the unrest in the world today and the failure of so many to achieve results they have worked so hard for and wished so long for.

Some who knock on the Fellowship’s door are concerned because they lack a background of truth studies, but this is no hindrance, and may even help them approach this study with a mind open to new concepts. The Lemurian study is designed so students get it all from the simplest beginning. So anyone with enough English to read and understand the message in our brochure, Into the Sun, can comprehend and use the priceless Lemurian teachings. Only a sincere and earnest desire to learn and benefit from these Teachings, and the willingness to study with an open mind, are needed to bring into your life and affairs health, happiness, and security, all part of a spiritual development that insures serenity and peace of mind.

What Is Lemurian Philosophy?
…a spiritual development that insures serenity and peace of mind…

No matter what you believe or disbelieve, and whether you want it to be so or not, these universal truths or principles operate in your life every minute of your existence, just as they always have. If your life so far has not been everything you would like it to be, you are unconsciously and unintentionally violating some of these laws established by God for your benefit and guidance to perfect health, happiness, and security.

The chance to study the Lemurian Philosophy is one of those priceless opportunities so much wanted by all, but attained by so few. Can you afford to let it pass without proving for yourself the truth of what we say? Our 30-day money-back offer assures no risk to you. What do you have to lose?

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