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What Lemuria Knew

So many of our worries, problems, and troubles were unknown to Lemurians during their golden age.

With the help of Great Ones guiding them, ancient Lemurian Elders progressed from making crude pictures to alphabetical characters and soon learned to write. With the civilization’s rapid growth, they decided a record should be kept of every discovery and advancement. Under the Great Ones’ direction, the Thirteenth School was organized to preserve what Lemuria knew.

Here, every piece of literature, every perfected plan, superior examples of artists’ and craftsmen’s skill and working models of every invention throughout the fifty thousand years of Lemurian history were carefully preserved. The Thirteenth School kept every detail of the Empire’s progress in art, music, invention, scientific discovery and general knowledge. Every step in the operation of cosmic law as it affects human living, including the priceless teachings, opinions and directions given them by Greater Ones, was treasured and maintained here. All these records were studied, analyzed, and cross-indexed, further enhancing the knowledge of those selected to fulfill this responsibility.

With this amazing resource it isn’t surprising that the Empire grew so great and its inhabitants lived so well. We are justly proud of our own way of life today with all that science and technology makes possible for us. But imagine every home built with spacious bathing pools featuring vari-colored quartzes, filled with filtered, scented water. Or kitchens fitted with gem-studded, pure silver and gold fixtures. These noble metals were used because of their long-lasting qualities and resistance to corrosion, since everything in Mukulian times was built for permanence.

Today’s most advanced entertainment rooms are only now approaching those of Mukulian families who enjoyed music systems and a form of television as well as being able to see, hear, and talk naturally with their distant friends while seeing them in three-dimensional perspective as naturally as if in the same room. And this was more than thirty thousand years ago!

Surprising as its material progress was, what Lemuria knew about quality of life was light years ahead of us. They enjoyed a sense of purpose, happiness, and peace seldom experienced today, a form of universal security hard to describe because we have nothing generally known today that comes close.

what Lemuria know
They enjoyed a sense of purpose, happiness, and peace seldom experienced today

Such everyday intrusions and atrocities as bullying, identity theft, muggings, robbery, car-jackings, murder, rape, terrorism or road rage were unknown. For instance, from 40,000 BC to 28,000 BC, a period of 12,000 years, there was no record of theft in the Mukulian Empire. Compare that with the criminal records of any modern city for a single day!

Before the destruction of Mu, the priceless records concerning every discovery, invention, and improvement in living were taken to Asia where they have been guarded by what is now known as the Lemurian Mystery School. What Lemuria knew isn’t lost. And in the ages since, these Masters have continued to analyze the successes and failures of every civilization since Mu, from Atlantis, Egypt, and India to the present, to understand how and why cultures succeed or fail.

This wisdom will be released as soon as humanity has brought greed and intolerance under consistent control and people have proven they are ready to use it only for good. Its basics are available today through the Lemurian Philosophy which is once again being taught to those who are sincerely proving the validity of universal principles by using them to enhance their own lives and improve our world.

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