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Lemurians Talk About Longevity

When Lemurians talk about longevity, Eileen knows about the ups and downs of the golden years. At 77, after two difficult hip operations, she moved across country to be close to the Lemurian Fellowship. Seeking balanced growth through study and action, she found many ways to participate in Order activities as a member of the Lemurian Order, developing her artistic talent to create and sell paintings and greeting cards. “I feel so proud of being even a very small part of what is going on here,” she offered.

 Turning ninety made Eileen think more seriously about life and death:

“I feel no uneasiness about passing on because, through my Lemurian training, I have learned there is no such thing as death . . . just a gentle transition from one way of life to another . . . as we are primarily spiritual beings.

“Of course the body doesn’t last forever. Eventually it breaks down and stops working. This happens to everyone until they have advanced spiritually to the point where they no longer need to come back into a new life. While I would like to stay and enjoy life and learn more about spiritual advancement,

our Philosophy teaches there will be no change in consciousness after transition. I look forward to returning at the right time.

At 95, Eileen told us:

 “I awaken every morning grateful for my blessings and say, “Thank You.” I’m not sure why I’ve lived so long except that I have so much yet to learn. I use Lemurian recommendations for good health. Moderation is very important.

“Life is good at ninety-five. I can care for myself, read and study, plant and reap, cook and eat and enjoy friends and family. And I can look forward to another great adventure when it’s time to go. As always, I say ‘Thank You.'”

At 99, she wrote:

I get my breakfast every morning and my helper Angie comes every day to check on me, to clean, shop and do laundry, so I am not overworked in the least. She does a lot of cooking, and my son comes to lunch two days a week.

Though I use a walker all the time now, today I stood long enough to make chicken salad. I’m so fortunate to be well and able to care for myself at 99!

Lem plays a violin "in the white" in Gateway Chapel. Undated Shown on 6.12 (SSS)
Mel plays a violin “in the white”

At 100  Another veteran Lemurian, Mel, a student for fifty years, built violins and trained others as part of the Lemurian Crafts, then struggled with loneliness after losing his wife. He wrote of the comfort his Lemurian training brought:

“The Lemurian Philosophy has taught me many things about life – how I was created, why I am on the physical plane, and where I will go when I leave. It has taught me to understand and live in accordance with God’s Laws, and the truth of life from the beginning of civilization.

“Everyone seeks peace of mind and there is only one way to attain it – by understanding God’s Laws and thinking and living by them. ‘And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.'”

Mel added: “This is more like a sermon. Maybe it’s too much.” But we don’t think so.

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