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What More Can We Do?

It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. –– Emerson

As the coronavirus pandemic ravages on in its inexorable course around our world, the character of those affected is often clearly revealed. After the first shock of recognition that this is real and it is here, some are terrified, some feel it won’t affect them, others take practical steps to protect themselves and their loved ones. And a selfless few ask what they can do to help.

We see many heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking examples of kindness and generosity at times like this. Sports team owners guarantee the salaries of their players and concession workers. A priest gives his protective equipment to someone he doesn’t know, then falls ill and dies of the virus. Young people use their sewing machines to make facemasks so desperately needed by health care workers. These are the kind of generous, outgoing efforts that make us all proud to be human.

All people of good will want to help in an emergency, but not all have the skills, resources, or opportunity to help in these ways. But there is a way every one of us can make a difference in this crisis even though we may be self-isolated or quarantined. And we can even make it more likely that we may come out of this dark time into an even better world.

The Lemurian Philosophy helps us recognize that the power of our thoughts is actually the most important determinant of our lives and our world. According to the nature of our thoughts, we make our days happy or sad, lovely or plain, serene or fearful. And the energy from our positive thoughts can be used by the Great Ones in times of emergency like this one to transmute much that could be far worse into situations that are bearable.

So how can we make our own lives and environments better, kindlier and more peaceful and in this way, to some degree, lighten the shadows that stretch over so much of our world today? Let’s take a cue from Paul and think about

. . . whatsoever things are true, so we may proceed in ways that are in keeping with reality;

whatsoever things are honest, from those of integrity who are in a position to know and whom we can trust;;

whatsoever things are just, and as we would wish to experience them ourselves;

whatsoever things are lovely, and that enhance our lives and glorify the earth;

What More Can We Do?
. . . whatsoever things are lovely . . .

whatsoever things are of good report, and on the positive, constructive side;

if there be any virtue, let us find and commend that in those around us;

and if there be any praise we can extend to others who may need a lift,

think on these things.

Philippians 4:8

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