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Who Are the Masters?

[One of our Facebook visitors asks, “Who are the Masters, and how do we know we are under their protection?” We hope this article and a future one can begin to answer these questions.]

 There are men who live in entire harmony with the universal moral order yet unknown to the world without any concern. Only men of holy, divine natures are capable of this. – Confucius

 The word “master” has so many meanings today it’s become almost meaningless. It can signify a revered religious leader, a martial arts expert, or a boy too young to be called “mister.” So who are the Masters? The Master Jesus is one of these “perfect” individuals who have achieved all there is to accomplish as a human being. He or she has successfully solved all human problems and experienced human life in its entirety. They have “mastered” the lessons of human life which still lie ahead for most of us.

who are the masters
Jesus is one of the “perfect” who has mastered the lessons of human life

First Masters Began as Elders  

Our understanding of Masters grows out of Dr. Stelle’s descriptions of the Elders of Lemurian times. (The Sun Rises, by Robert D. Stelle) These intelligent, gentle men thought more deeply about life than most and were keenly interested in improving their people’s lives. They lived apart from their families and clans, with others like themselves in secluded places. They were not well known to most of the people but those who did know or had heard about them respected and revered them.

Though much wiser than the average of that time, the Elders were not  ascetics who sat dreaming in their mountain retreats. They developed plants and animals, invented sundials and chairs. They went among their people looking for others who were ready and willing to learn, grow, and accomplish. They were active, practical people, similar in many ways to the most intelligent and successful individuals today.

But the Elders were unusual because they turned their minds and abilities to making life better for others. And because this was in keeping with God’s Plan for humanity, the Elders soon attracted the attention and aid of even more highly developed Great Ones. With this quality of help, they were able to guide the beginning of the first organized society on earth, on the Lemurian Continent.

The Elders guided this first civilization during the first thousand years of its existence, until the arrival of a much Greater One known as Melchizedek, who took over the leadership. He worked closely with the Elders, who gained much soul growth through their selfless service, self-sacrifice for others, and their emulation of the godlike qualities of Melchizedek.

Elders Earn Mastership   

Eventually, these Elders began earning the highest level of advancement possible on this earth plane, and through the ages since, others have followed in their path. These are the Masters, who are fully aware of the needs, problems, and struggles of each person on earth and who offer their compassionate love, help, and understanding to all of us. Ceaselessly and tirelessly they work to help us recognize our purpose in life – guiding, encouraging, and inspiring us to fulfill our God-given potential so we may enjoy the sweetness of life and the rewards of gradually conquering all human problems.

How do we know we are under their  protection? If you care deeply about helping others and feel a definite attraction to the teachings of the Masters, such as the Lemurian Philosophy, you will earn their help and guidance.

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