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Working for the Great Ones

On the Lemurian Fellowship’s 80th Anniversary, a Special Tribute Written By the Fellowship Staff of the 1940s

Working for the Great Ones
Lemurian Fellowship staff picnic at Mt. Palomar, 1950s

Can you imagine the privilege of working for the Great Ones? We find a peace and tranquility in our work beyond our greatest hopes, beyond our ability to express. And we find in the others of our group the same hope that animates our own hearts.

Each of the Fellowship staff comes from a different background and environment, but all must live together in peace and harmony. This takes constant work on kindness, tolerance, sincerity and charity. The Golden Rule, moderation and balance are essential as each of us helps the others gain what’s deficient in their makeup, just as they help us.

Much of our work is correspondence with our students, but there are also meal preparation, landscaping and care of the grounds, housework and maintenance. There are personal interviews and visitors who are extended every courtesy, the many details of bookkeeping, reports, writing lessons and articles, and much more. We must be versatile in our ideas, creative in our approaches, like clay in the hands of a sculptor, receptive to the molding of our lives as the pattern grows clear.

Some ask us about jobs like housekeeping, seeming to think this sort of service holds no opportunity for advancement. They don’t realize we work at our self-selected tasks for the pleasure of serving, knowing we are working for the Great Ones to the best of our ability and gaining the spiritual advancement every Lemurian seeks. It doesn’t matter how we serve. In the early years, the office staff contributed much of their precious time in canning fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you have a big family, you may know what it’s like to have twelve or more for a meal. Our group comes from different parts of the country, with different eating habits and individual ideas. Yet, each fits into the group and becomes one great, loving family. To do this, we have to use all the virtues, or the harmonious, peaceful, and understanding consideration we enjoy would not be possible.

We have a most splendid example in our dear Dr. Stelle. We all turn to his ever natural and valuable counsel in our time of need. We have yet to find him too busy, impatient, or unwilling to help. He never seems to tire under his heavy burden, and we each try in our own way to repay him with the love and devotion he richly deserves. Maybe this will help you better understand the happiness and feeling of true brotherhood which makes our serving a source of endless joy, and helps our advancement along the Path.

Each day, as twilight beckons our family to the supper table, we find ourselves surrounded by smiling, happy faces, each a little more kindly than the day before, and each a little more appreciative of the others. I can think of no greater or more splendid wish for all who read this than that, someday, you too may find yourself in just such a haven of peace and loving understanding as our daily life here at the Fellowship.

We weave the thread of our desires into a pattern of beauty linking God, our brothers and sisters, and ourselves. This we gain from our work which feels like the velvety touch of Spring on the pure face of the apple blossom whose fragrance permeates the air so softly. And as evening shadows fall, a gentle breath of night air rustles through the trees and brings us closer to the time when all our dreams will become realities.

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