Who Guided Lemuria Before the Masters?

The great power of the ancient Lemurians was their ability to receive and apply thoughts and ideas emanating from the minds of the Great Ones who wanted to help them.   Robert D. Stelle

If we go back far enough in human development, we reach a point where there were no Masters. The average Lemurian then lived not far above animal life. So who guided Lemuria before the Masters?

There are always a few who use their minds to think, and so it was with the Elders. These deeply thinking people lived together peacefully and created innovations that enhanced their lives. And they wanted to share all they were learning with their fellow Lemurians. Through selflessness and meditation, they developed mental abilities including clairvoyance. Eventually they were contacted by Angels who helped them develop and learn more.

The Elders, in turn, looked for intelligent young people, suggesting new ideas and observing how they used them. If their use was good, they were admitted to the secluded places where the Elders lived and taught more.

Rhu and Hut, two young Plains Dwellers coached by the Elders, devised a plan for settling on the Great Plains, where grass was luxuriant and abundant and grazing for their animals would be much better.

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This had been tried before, but those who ventured there were killed by other families, starting a war that caused all to leave the Plains. So how could they hold and defend the Plains once they were there? The Plains Dwellers were herdsmen, not fighters.

But the Forest Dwellers of their tribe were fighters, and the Cave Dwellers made weapons and tools. Why not get some from all three groups? Protected by the Forest Dwellers, the Plains Dwellers could furnish food and the Cave Dwellers provide weapons! This sounds simple to us, but the three tribal groups had never worked together, often fighting savagely for what they wanted. So their first problem was to convince others that they could benefit from this plan.

How they did this is the epic adventure told in The Sun Rises. Once their group of Plains, Forest, and Cave Dwellers reached the Plains, the problems of organizing a cooperative society soon became more than the Elders could help them with. At that point, Those who guided Lemuria before the Masters also advised Rhu and Hut directly. The astonishing quality of their early suggestions helps us understand how these primitive people were able to create a harmonious civilization:

No society can continue to exist unless it is properly organized. It must be made self-sufficient –– able to support itself without outside help. It can grow or expand only as it produces more than it consumes. Such is the first law for proper organization.

The permanent success of your community is based on excess service each member renders the organization, and the service the organization renders each citizen. No government can long prosper except as each member prospers. So, too, no citizen can prosper unless the government prospers. For either the government or the citizen to try to prosper at the expense of another, spells ultimate failure. This is the second point of the law.

Thus we come to the basic law of all laws which embraces all others including those I have just explained. Whatever you do to or for another, so shall it be done to or for you.

This is the basis for the universal brotherhood of mankind practiced in Lemuria that assured much of its glory and magnificence. And it will be the basis for the even greater civilization we are building now.










Dr. Stelle, Masters, and Lemurian Lives

Hawaiians of ancient times believed there was one great continent stretching from Hawaii as far as New Zealand.   David Hyde Rice

Understanding the connections between Dr. Stelle, Masters, and Lemurian lives takes understanding reincarnation. Every time we come into a new life, memories of the past are veiled and we begin with what seems a clean slate. But we pick up our personal soul development where we left it, along with certain abilities, life lessons, and karma – good or bad. We meet those who can help us fulfill our purpose and those we need to work things out with. Observant, deeply thinking ones like Dr. Stelle soon begin to piece these clues together to understand who they truly are, and why they are here.

From early childhood, Dr. Stelle was able to see fascinating scenes from the Akashic Record, but didn’t know how they fit together or what they meant. After being punished for telling what others thought were lies, he stopped talking about these visions, but kept thinking about them. At 12, he was contacted by a group of Masters who showed him many unusual things – again without fully understanding this was preparing him for an rare opportunity.


His early adventures, discoveries, and meeting with the Master in China (Lemuria and Robert Stelle’s Revelations) only deepened his intense interest in Lemuria. He studied everything he could find about it. He began receiving new information from the Masters and came to understand he was being given a very important work to do. He was expected to transmit the legacy of this great civilization and train people how to use its forgotten wisdom for the good of mankind.

Dr. Stelle began to realize his visions were scenes and personal experiences from that long-ago time, and now he could see more. Along with his responsibilities as President, Counselor, and teacher of the Lemurian Fellowship, he began writing The Sun Rises, a history of how the world’s first civilization was formed.

Since the Lemurian Fellowship began training students, many who were part of that ancient civilization have been attracted to the study. In this way, Dr. Stelle came to know the woman he had married in that long-ago life. They married in this incarnation too, and together carried forward the Fellowship’s work. Other important characters from early Lemurian history reincarnated to help them.

Since that modest beginning in the 1930s, thousands of people have studied with the Lemurian Fellowship, improving their lives and those of others around them, beginning to approach their true potential as they take to heart and use Lemurian principles. But many thousands more are needed.

Today we hear from more and more who have a haunting feeling that they lived in Lemuria. Very likely they did, since that civilization lasted for 50,000 years. And most urgent for those who feel drawn to Lemuria now is to prepare ourselves to help counterbalance the wrong thinking and darkness overshadowing our world today. We have everything to learn from the wisdom of a culture that was able to sustain itself for so long! And as we do, we will be part of building a better world for humankind, fulfilling the Plan of the Lemurian Brotherhood.