Celebrating Lemurian Style

Celebrating Lemurian Style
…the fireworks lighting up the cold and misty, starry night…

Every November 5th, I like to go and watch the fireworks in the park. I guess it is something particular to England, but gathering around a huge bonfire and watching an impressive fireworks display is enjoyable and symbolizes a bigger ideal.

The historical origins lie in the attempted “gunpowder plot” by Guy Fawkes and his accomplices, to blow up King James I and the Houses of Parliament in London in 1605. Now in the 21st century, whilst enjoying the evening celebrations – often with roasted chestnuts and steaming mugs of coffee – it does in a sense feel like a celebration of democracy, of good over evil and cunning underhandedness! And though it may originally have had more to do with the antagonism between one religious faction and another, out of this has grown an element of the celebration of British democracy.

Attending this annual commemoration got me to thinking about my beliefs and practices as a Lemurian. How do I celebrate the Lemurian Philosophy in my life? Do I celebrate it? Am I celebrating it? Yes, I believe so. I think of the beauty of the Lemurian Teachings, and their meaningfulness. How they lift me up inwardly, bringing insight, understanding and inspiration. My communication with fellow Lemurians brings happiness and purpose. Even the opportunity to talk with stranger or friend about something of a Lemurian nature brings a sense of fulfillment.

I remember a quotation I may have read somewhere. Or was it something I heard someone mention? I am not entirely sure, and perhaps the exact words are not as follows. But this thought adapts wonderfully to the topic at hand:

        “It is better to live 50 years of magnificence, rather than 100 years of mediocrity.”

It may be best not to take this statement entirely at face value. But within this written phrase lies something relevant to how I like to approach my attachment to the Lemurian Philosophy. I think about that Precipitation I worked to create over the last number of months. And then the pleasure of seeing it work out more as I wished. And then there was that time last week, when I successfully turned around and transmuted my mood – and came through a challenging day smiling and satisfied. And the time I walked away from the hardware store, goods in one hand, receipt in the other, and realized I had been undercharged. Mastering the battle in my mind, I turned around to revisit the shop and explain – wishing only to display integrity and honesty, and do the right thing.

This coming November 5th, after the enjoyment of another evening’s Guy Fawkes displays, with the crackle of the fire still audible in my ears and the memory of the fireworks lighting up the cold and misty, starry night – I shall think yes, this was a fine and enjoyable celebration. But today, and indeed each day, I see something greater to strive towards, to celebrate: The joy and accomplishment of working towards each moment of every day, Lemurian style. Now that brings a really big smile to my face, and a steady warmth within.

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Our First Lemurian Example – Robert D. Stelle

It is not alone for us, but for humanity as a whole that we are working. – Robert D. Stelle

Have you ever known a truly advanced human being? Seldom do we have this opportunity, since it’s rare to encounter men and women of superlative ability and character, usually born with a special mission, often at critical times to lead us through desperate and dangerous conditions. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa stand out, almost larger than life, driven by an urge to tackle some critical need, setting themselves and their lives aside for the good of others. Their intense dedication to a greater cause lifts them out of the mundane, into greatness.

Others are shining examples of human possibilities not even imagined possible before them. Helen Keller, who lived blind and deaf most of her life, led the way for many who are overcoming physical handicaps to accomplish amazing things today.

Anyone who aspires to greatness finds it intensely inspiring to be around such people, and it can be life-expanding. Think of those fishermen of Galilee who answered Christ’s call to follow Him, and how dramatically their lives changed. Few are ready for the kind of sacrifices the Apostles made, but many are looking for something beyond the ordinary in life, ready to respond to the inspiration of exceptional people.

Our First Lemurian Example - Robert D. Stelle
Our First Lemurian Example – Robert D. Stelle

Lemurian students are privileged to know one of these unusual people – Robert D. Stelle, who founded our Fellowship. Though he passed on many years ago, we know him about as well as you can know anyone you haven’t met personally. He is our first Lemurian example who lived the Lemurian Philosophy he taught.

You may wonder how we can know a man we haven’t met. We study the Philosophy he wrote and use its principles every day. We never tire of reading about his adventures. And he himself wrote about a very early incarnation when he helped begin the world’s first civilization in Lemuria, also known as the Continent of Mu. Through his descriptions and lively drawings, we visualize scenes he took clairvoyantly from the Akashic Record.

We talked with and learned from those who lived and worked with Dr. Stelle during his lifetime. They tell us that under the most trying conditions, he never lost his sense of humor. He was impartial and just with everyone. He made all his friends feel there was something admirable in them. No matter what may have been in his heart, he was always cheerful – a familiar twinkle of fun and good humor in his eyes. He was more enthusiastic about others’ success than his own. He was too experienced with life to worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, too happy to allow the presence of trouble.

Our First Lemurian Example - Robert D. Stelle
Dr. Stelle talking with a visitor

And today, the intense practicality, sincere desire to help, irrepressible sense of humor, hard-working, self-sacrificing, kind, dependable, deeply thoughtful traits we see in our friends are his qualities that make our life and work such a joyful experience.

By the way, Dr. Stelle would not be comfortable with so much being said about him. For all his unusual abilities and deep understanding of truth, he was a very humble man who did not expect to be remembered for his part in bringing Lemurian history and wisdom to us from the forgotten past. But because he did, we have its guidance and help to make ourselves and our civilization into something we can be proud of.

Love, he told us, is one of the most potent of all forces. Without it, nothing is very worthwhile. With it, almost everything is. None of us are the type who can be driven, otherwise we would be of little use in our work. We all will cheerfully do far more for love than would be possible for any other reason. With it, we vibrate in perfect harmony, automatically converting the electrons into power for the purpose behind what we are striving to do — and will do, providing we always keep our ultimate objective before us.

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