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Lemuria and Robert Stelle’s Revelations

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How did Lemuria and Robert Stelle become so closely associated? What led him to discover artifacts of this long-lost continent, and how did he earn help from the Masters to understand its profound meaning for us today?

Lemuria and Robert Stelle’s Discoveries


Robert Stelle was a most unusual boy, with psychic abilities and contacts beginning very early. At 15, Bob joined two explorers in South America. In Chichen Itza, Yucatan, he saw distinctive pyramids that later he found duplicated in other parts of the world. At the Temple of the Virgins in Cuzco, Peru, he marveled at walls so skillfully built that a knife blade couldn’t fit between the stones.

Close up of Wall
Closeup of Wall

Recent earthquakes had no effect on the old walls, but modern stone additions were destroyed. An old tribal chief in Mexico told him many half-understood things about “the Old Ones from the Motherland.” And at Lake Titicaca, 13,500 feet above sea level, he saw stone-lined canals that seemed to serve no purpose. What did it all mean?

Knowing the earth has changed, with ocean fossils found in mountains and sunken cities still visible, Bob reasoned Lake Titicaca was once at sea level when its canals connected the Pacific and Atlantic, before upheavals lifted the Andes Mountains. But why?

His adventures took him to Pohnpei with its ancient ruins of Metalanim. Its walls, temples, and artificial canals cover 11 square miles. It is built of surfaced basalt blocks collectively weighing 750,000 tons, and basalt is not native to Pohnpei. Who built it? Who was it built for?

Scientists claim its people built Metalanim over open water on a coral reef and  constructed 92 artificial islands. They admit not understanding how basalt columns were brought there or raised for the walls. They say building Metalanim would have been a greater effort than the Egyptian Pyramids. But Pohnpei is only one-fifth the size of Oahu, Hawaii, and supposedly had fewer than 30,000 people. Does this theory make sense?

Three thousand miles from Pohnpei, Malden Island is barren and uninhabitable, but with forty stone temples like those on Pohnpei, and highways of surfaced basalt blocks disappearing into the ocean. Where did they lead?

Lemuria and Robert Stelle’s Revelations

To Robert Stelle, these pieces fit into the puzzle of Lemuria. He kept probing for greater understanding. In China he met a Master who was to work with him for the rest of his life. This wise and learned man helped him become more receptive to clues from the Masters so he could fit the puzzle pieces together, and soon Dr. Stelle contacted others who also helped him.

In 1936, he and an associate established the Lemurian Fellowship  and released the Lemurian Philosophy. Masters helped and guided them through years of hard work, sacrifice, and constant refinement of information released clairvoyantly to Dr. Stelle. In 1941 he began writing The Sun Rises, about his own experiences in an earlier lifetime. This true history of how the world’s first and greatest civilization began took eleven years to complete. Lemuria and Robert Stelle are closely linked for all who seek the truth about this almost forgotten civilization.

Dr. Stelle’s experience helps us know that what we accomplish is mostly up to us, but we aren’t completely on our own. Help is always close by when we need and ask for it. If we are working on something beneficial for humanity, we attract and earn help from Higher Beings who allow us full use of our minds and initiative so we gain the fullest experience and advancement. This was true at civilization’s beginning and is just as true today.

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