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Lemurian Viewpoint – CD Bundle (vol. 1-4)
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Volume 1

Our Prayers…Who Hears?…Who Answers?

The wide world over, endless petitions are addressed to God…to the Creator…to Allah… to Christ…to the Great Unknown. No matter how limited we may be, or how advanced; no matter how selfish our desires or how enlightened the asking, people share the universal impulse to pray. But who hears these prayers? Who answers?

Failure…A Time-Honored Teacher

Why are there still so many of us who feel that failure is something to be ashamed of, to be avoided at all costs? Those who can realistically accept their mistakes and use them as beneficial stepping-stones are headed for success.

The True Measure of Success

How do you know if the goal you are striving for is what you really want, or need? How do you know if the kind of success you envision will be good for you? All of us need some means of determining whether or not the goals we want to achieve in life will be to our ultimate benefit.

The Greatest Promise Ever Made

The Kingdom of God on earth is a profound concept…a divine promise capable of human fulfillment. No more wonderful ideal has ever been offered to mankind. A dream? Perhaps to some, but a beautiful, uplifting possibility to those who sense the great potential still locked within the hearts and minds of men and women everywhere.

Volume 2

The Spiritual Side of Efficiency

There are many practical aspects of efficiency that can add significantly to a more ordered and tranquil life. But there’s more to this character trait…a spiritual side. People don’t usually think of efficiency as a divine attribute, but most assuredly it is.

Life…And the Urge to Escape It

The fact that we sometimes fall apart, let stress cause us to give up our goals, or need a break from our responsibilities now and then, is not so bad. But it is a problem when we get so used to ducking real issues that we are scarcely aware of what is going on.

The Driving Urge to Excel

The need for recognition, like the yearning to be loved and understood, is an underlying part of human nature common to us all. It is something God has carefully woven into the fabric of our being…

No Man is Sufficient Unto Himself

Without the help of God, of Christ, and of the Angels who so lovingly urge all humans toward spiritual perfection; without the help of the Masters, Adepts and Initiates; without the help of our fellow beings with whom we share a common destiny, human life on earth would hold little purpose.

Volume 3

The Submerged Continent of Mu

Beneath the waters of the Pacific Ocean lies the so-called “Lost Continent of Mu,” the motherland of the greatest civilization this planet has ever known.

A New World of Thought and Action

Can it really be that from the ashes of mankind’s past failures, a new world society will arise like the fabled Phoenix? Here and there, glimmerings filter through to the conscious mind, causing one to seek and to investigate.

Christ’s Mission: Our Opportunity

If our lives are not what we want them to be, we can change the causes we set into motion in order to bring about the effects we desire. This is what Christ taught two thousand years ago in His infinite compassion.

Volume 4

The Continuity of Life – Part One

The idea of continuity to life – the continuation of the spirit after physical death – is a very questionable idea for some people, a distinct possibility to others, and an unqualified certainty to many.

The Continuity of Life – Part Two

Facing terminal illness, with only months to live, a man asks a Lemurian student to share his beliefs about life and death.


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