True Friends Rescue

A Thanksgiving Story

Loving kindness is greater than laws, and the charities of life are more than all ceremonies. – The Talmud

In our world now, so many are facing devastating floods, storms, fires and worse, and at times like these, seeing the good-hearted love and help of strangers and friends alike is unforgettable.

We had such an experience recently. We were away from the Fellowship barely two hours that Saturday night, but coming back, my wife and I found water pouring out the front door, half an inch covering the hall and kitchen tile, and a fire hose blast of hot water from the bathroom. Wading in there revealed a steamy Niagara Falls pouring from the sink cabinet. Turning an angle stop had no effect so I sprinted outside and shut off the water supply. Seeing water dripping from the ceiling, I prayed the sprinkler system hadn’t burst, and in the first good news of the evening, we found this was only condensation from the steamy air.

True Friends Rescue
A True Friends Rescue Team Helped Us

As our true friends rescue team arrived to help mop up the tile floors, we turned our attention to the water seeping under the carpets and across the rooms. We called an emergency flood service and plumber, only half expecting either would respond at 8:00 Saturday night. But what a blessing! Both came within an hour. The plumbing fix was simple – a ruptured angle stop feed line. Unfortunately, water soaking under carpets had already reached the furniture and walls and would soon wick up into the drywall. Carpets would have to come up and be dried out and, worst case scenario, we might have to remove and replace some drywall.

Meanwhile, our true friends rescue team had somehow spread the word, converged, and gone to work. They finished mopping and started moving things off wet carpets and out of the house. It wasn’t  just picking up wet furniture – it was removing everything, even from the walls, so the vacuum and driers could work. More friends arrived from Gateway to help. We had just moved everything to the patio when, as if to test our resolve, it started raining and blowing onto the patio! We hurried to cover the exposed furniture and boxes with plastic and went to bed, exhausted.

Next morning, Sunday, should have been a day of rest for those who work six days a week, but with dehumidifiers blasting hot air constantly throughout the house our true friends were back early to help move furniture and boxes from the patio to another building, safe from weather and mice during the week-long drying-out.

During that week there were countless examples of the quiet, thoughtful helpfulness we associate with Lemurians, but seldom need to depend on this much. They took time from their own work to shoulder our duties, stayed with us as long as we needed help through the week of repairing and repainting walls. It felt like a pioneer barn-raising when neighbors came from miles around to help with a job too much for one family.

One brought us a care package of useful things like a flashlight when we couldn’t find ours and snacks when we couldn’t get to ours. No complaint about the extra workload was heard, though we know each of them has a very full schedule every day. Everyone seemed to take it all in stride.

We feel a deep and timeless spiritual connection to these selfless, reliable true friends of longstanding, not only in this life but who we are sure have worked with us other lives too. Our dual purpose of perfecting ourselves and helping others benefit from the Lemurian way of life never seemed more essential, or more satisfying, than it has since that difficult but very heartwarming night.

Shasta Summer Solstice

The Solstice is a sacred time for Lemurians, and as we approach the Winter Solstice, I thought back to my Shasta Summer Solstice. Many truth seekers come to Mount Shasta here in California seeking to experience some essence of the Masters and connect with God through Nature, and as a Lemurian Fellowship student, I knew this beautiful mountain was once a meeting place for Lemurian Adepts. So it seemed a perfect place to attune with Nature and the Great Ones and connect mentally with other Lemurians celebrating this occasion. Leaving the trail, I ascended the mountain alone, away from other hikers.

As I took in the mountain ‘s beauty on this clear, cool day, I snapped some pictures. With each step and every breath of invigorating air, I felt lighter until it seemed my whole being was filled with light. Imagining the Great Ones must be near in thought made the trek up the mountain even more special. As dry ground gave way to patches of snow, it seemed a good place for a comfortable attunement. I spotted a rock warmed by beams of sunlight sifting through tall firs and surrounded by patches of snow.

I took my place on the warm rock, illumined by the light from the center of our solar system that surely, I thought, must be from Christ to lighten and uplift our world for those who could sense it. I entered my attunement, enjoying the thoughts that passed through my mind. Thanking the Great Ones, and feeling waves of gratitude for being part of the Lemurian Program, I thought:

How wonderful it would be if I could photograph a nature spirit such as Dr. Stelle described.

How great to be able to show everyone such an image! Inspired, I photographed the towering tree in front of me.

I started down the mountain, taking more pictures along the way. After reaching my car, I decided to look through the pictures I had taken as a reminder of this wonderful journey.

I found the tree picture I took just after my attunement. It was different from the others. There was an oval and an aura or halo above the treetop. Could this possibly be the nature spirit I had imagined capturing? Or just a coincidental artifact of light hitting the lens in an unusual way? Hmm . . . not sure! All I know is I was inspired to take this shot to try to capture the nature spirits. It’s the only picture that looks this way. No other shot I took that day has any auras at all. My camera lens was clear, and I never adjusted or wiped it.

Shasta Summer Solstice
The tree I photographed after my attunement

So this picture is a wonderful souvenir of my magical Shasta Summer Solstice . It’s a tantalizing reminder of possibilities of what could be, what we do not yet know or understand. It helps expand consciousness as it leads us to wonder and contemplate the mysteries yet to be revealed about our universe.

Blast of Understanding Brings Faith

Sometimes, disturbing events can shake our faith in what we believe.

And faith has always been a challenge for more or less balanced people seeking a spiritual path. Their high ideals draw them toward it, yet their practical caution raises doubts. We know that understanding brings faith, and for those who do find the path that’s right for them, there are always reassurances along the way, just as there are warning signs for those on a false trail.

Students of the Lemurian Philosophy have their struggles with faith too. Sometimes the proofs we need come in dramatic ways, as they did in this early experience.

In the 1940s there was much hard physical work at the Lemurian Fellowship’s Ramona site. Three buildings had been constructed by hand using concrete blocks the staff and students produced themselves, one by one. At the site of the fourth building, some blasting was needed to clear the large boulders they encountered.

In those days, you simply went to the hardware store and bought dynamite. One of the Fellowship staff, Carl, had considerable experience with blasting. He and a helper set and lit a charge, then moved away a safe distance. When it failed to detonate within what they thought was a reasonable time, they came forward to investigate. It exploded, injuring both of them, Carl more seriously.


Understanding brings faith
It exploded, injuring both of them

Some Fellowship students, young in understanding, believed this should not have happened if the Fellowship was protected by the Masters, and asked Dr. Stelle about this. Here is his reply.

“I have done a great deal of thinking about the dynamite incident, but he who most seriously injured himself offered the best explanation, to which I attach a great deal of importance. Now, as to some reason for the happening, aside from the carelessness:

“There are many who often question whether there are Masters, whether the Great Work is all it seems to be, if it is directly under Their supervision, and as to the authenticity of the Work. Carl said he had often been prey to these very things and that, while his reason told him everything was exactly as we say it is, still there was in his mind, at times, lingering doubt based on previous experiences with different occult organizations.

“Doubts like these die hard, but understanding brings faith, and having had plenty of experience with dynamite, Carl realized something of what had transpired. After the incident, someone said they wondered why Carl was willing to keep working here when this had happened, and whether he didn’t feel that the Work could not be under the Masters’ guidance and protection.

“Carl said his reaction had been exactly the opposite. With his knowledge of the power of dynamite, he realized that nothing but the intervention of some high source could possibly have prevented his and the other worker’s being blown to bits. Plus they have come through practically without suffering, and their recovery has been so marvelously rapid, there could no longer be any question in his mind.

“Frankly, if the entire experience did nothing more than satisfy Carl with the authenticity of this Work, it would have been worth ten times the delay and inconvenience involved, for after all, if he who was most seriously injured so regards it, who are we to attach any less importance to it?”

All I have seen makes me trust in all I have not seen. – Emerson

Surviving My Worst Embarrassment

Surviving My Worst Embarrassment
Surviving My Worst Embarrassment

I was horrified! Two dozen people watched as I was publicly ridiculed for an awful mistake in the middle of a courtroom trial. It was my worst embarrassment.

As a young, recently hired lawyer in a high-powered law firm, I had been tapped by my boss to be his “second” in this complicated case, a wonderful chance to prove myself to this respected attorney.

All went well until suddenly, it came to light that I had overlooked what was needed to admit a key document into evidence. My boss’s arguments nearly won over the court, but the opposing party’s objection prevailed. I paled, knowing the case might be lost. Our client would be rightfully angry. Months of preparation and thousands of dollars would spiral down the drain. My boss turned to me, loudly demanding, “How could you have done that?” and worse.

My promising career at this new firm seemed over with the likelihood I would be fired. The judge glared at me. I could feel the pitying eyes of attorneys and spectators boring into my back. If only the floor would open up and swallow me, I could escape this horrible failure! But there seemed no way of surviving my worst embarrassment.

When the court day ended, my boss could barely bring himself to speak to me. The other attorneys who had watched this drama unfold offered words of sympathy but these meant little. I was completely wrapped up in my worst embarrassment and the fear of what lay ahead.

What sustains us at such low points in our lives? What keeps us from putting our tail between our legs and slinking away or drowning our misery in alcohol or drugs? We reach deep into ourselves for every strong character trait we have to survive, but times like these call for more than we have and are today. They’re growing times. I needed help and I turned to my spiritual moorings.

The Lemurian Philosophy helps us find good even in failure.

With positive affirmations, I tried mightily to overcome my fear and change my negative thinking. As bleak as things looked, I knew that controlling my feelings would be a step toward changing my environment for the better, hollow as this seemed then.

I faced the next morning with dread, but determination. The trial had to go on. My boss’s anger had softened, and he encouraged me to find a solution to the problem. Still a prey to self-pity, I could barely appreciate his effort, but with his continuing encouragement, we worked together to overcome my mistake and discovered another way to introduce the key evidence. The tide of the case slowly turned in our favor. In the end, the other side settled rather than risk a negative jury verdict.

After the case ended, we talked over what happened and how the mistake came about. To my joyous surprise, my boss asked me to assist him on other trials. From that point forward, I emphasized the Lemurian virtue precision, making sure to dot every “i“ and cross every “t.” I knew there would be other mistakes, but that I could learn a lot from them. And this was the start of a long and successful career at this firm.