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Lemurian Life

Safe Harbor in a Turbulent World

  As each day brings us scenes of sectarian conflict and heart-wrenching misery, I wish I could share what I’ve learned with these poor, afflicted people and help them find a safe harbor. My daughters and their families are Catholic, my son Jewish, his wife, Buddhist. My sisters are Unitarian, one brother follows the Tao…

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Shangri-La in California

Shangri-La is a mythical,  almost inaccessible Utopia where almost everyone is happy, healthy, and content. But did you know that for over seventy years there has been a real Shangri-La in California? In 1943, Dr. Robert Stelle wrote: Our own Shangri-La is closer than you imagine. Those who work here can tell you how hard…

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Lemurian Map Into Marriage

As I turned, nervous but purposefully to the person by my side, I knew a powerful and significant moment had arrived. I was about to commit to the culmination of a long-wished-for deep desire, fulfill a resolute goal, find the answer to a prayer. My Lemurian map into marriage had brought me to my wedding day!…

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Finding the Lemurian Philosophy

When the pupil is ready, the teacher will come. – Chinese Proverb There are almost as many ways of finding the Lemurian Philosophy as there are students. Some children being born now are fifth-generation Lemurians. More people are enrolling with the Fellowship whose parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents were Lemurian students. This is one way to become…

Posted on: January 23, 2016
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Bucking Family Tradition Was Best

Nursing wasn’t my first career choice but I decided to try it at a college where my grandmother went and my grandfather had taught. Since medicine is the family tradition, to say they were proud and excited is an understatement, and since they were important to me, this felt good. But medicine wasn’t a burning…

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