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Conscious Life Expo sure

Our Experiences at the 2018 Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo Over a year ago, an alert Order member suggested the Fellowship consider attending the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. The Expo is a colorful gathering of New Age esoteric and truth approaches, psychics, healers, herbalists, artists, crystal and crystal bowl purveyors, extraterrestrial enthusiasts, and…

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Living the Universal Dream

  Our environment is the exact material arrangement of our thinking – Lemurian Philosophy   For over two centuries, people have been making their way to America, hoping for a better life and believing they could find it here. And whether or not they aspire to the American Dream, people everywhere long for something better,…

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The Sun Rises on a New World

“…from crude beginnings, there grew and prospered a civilization whose people enjoyed a serenity and peace of mind undreamed of today, a splendor and beauty of surroundings without equal.” – Epilogue, The Sun Rises There’s a book most Lemurians have read countless times and many of us return to each year. It’s The Sun Rises,…

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How to Build Integrity

When I became a Lemurian student, I was a successful lawyer in a fast-paced, high-energy, good-paying position. But the only thing that seemed to matter to my firm was the results I produced, and I had strayed from my moral bearings, not to mention Christ’s Teachings and natural law. To address this predicament would take…

Posted on: February 13, 2016
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